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MINNEAPOLIS – Avtex, a customer experience (CX) consulting and technology company, announced their partnership with CU NextGen, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) focused on delivering next-generation technology to credit unions. Avtex will be the exclusive direct sales partner in the United States, leveraging their relationships with credit unions to further their mission of delivering exceptional experiences.

In today’s competitive financial services market, consumers expect their needs to be met quickly and efficiently; it’s crucial for credit unions to effectively manage complex member relationships. However, many credit unions have unintegrated systems that create information silos, making it nearly impossible to see the full details of a member’s relationship with a credit union in one place, much less take action on all of a member’s needs. CU NextGen helps credit unions improve the service delivered to their members, the daily experiences of their staff members and the efficiency of their operations.

CU NextGen was formed through a strategic partnership between Members Development Company (MDC), a progressive and future-focused network of the leading credit unions in the country, and ClaySys Technologies, a Charlotte based technology company with core technical operations based in India, with products and expertise in automation, no-code app development, artificial intelligence, and enterprise IT consulting services. CU NextGen’s core competencies center on the technologies of no-code development, robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence, which form the foundation of its flagship offering, the Member Relationship Management platform (MRM). The MRM platform is a software suite that allows credit unions to design experiences for their employees and their members. The MRM platform reduces the need for manual data entry caused by a lack of integration between different credit union systems, and instead allows credit union staff to execute complex processes on members at the click of a button from within a single dashboard.

According to Kent Zimmer, CEO of CU NextGen, “Our goal is to give credit unions complete control over their member-facing and employee-facing experiences. By leveraging our technology and skills, and the expertise and reach of the Avtex team, we can eliminate many of the challenges facing credit unions today.”

As the exclusive direct sales partner, Avtex is positioned to offer their credit union clients the ability to enhance their member experience and increase operational efficiency. The combination of CX strategy and technology innovation services offered by Avtex, alongside the powerful functionality of CU NextGen’s MRM platform, will help credit unions effectively manage complex member relationships.

“The robust capabilities of the CU NextGen technology, along with the power of our member interaction technologies, can provide credit unions with an integrated member experience platform that is unlike any in the industry.” says Kurt Schroeder, Chief Experience Officer at Avtex. “We are excited to bring CU NextGen to our 120+ credit union clients and help them deliver exceptional experiences to their members.”

About Avtex

Avtex is a full-service Customer Experience (CX) consulting and solution provider focused on helping organizations build meaningful connections with their customers, members and constituents. Avtex offers a wide range of solutions to support CX transformation planning and orchestration of experiences for clients. Avtex has offices across the U.S., with headquarters in Minneapolis. Avtex is recognized as a gold partner of both Microsoft and Genesys, leveraging their world class platforms as the foundation for customer engagements and digital transformation. Visit for more information.

About CU NextGen

CU NextGen CUSO, LLC is a progressive organization with a mission to give credit unions control of their employee- and member-facing experiences. CU NextGen delivers innovative solutions using three integrated and strategic technology platforms: no-code development, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence. The best-in-class Member Relationship Management (MRM) suite provides solutions for process automation, CRM, and more. CU NextGen currently serves credit unions nationwide through next-generation technology and on-demand consulting services, all designed to meet the unique needs of the credit union industry. Learn more at

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