Created exclusively for Credit Unions, Nextly provides NextGen solutions for the ultimate Member Experience. We want your members to easily and quickly expand their relationship with you and utilize digital banking for more than just checking their account balances. With a focus on unique self-service opportunities, your members can take control of their financial futures, while reducing branch visits and calls to your call center. Our platform allows you to command your innovation with the only digital banking platform powered by “No Code” Technology. This Technology, with a simple Drag and Drop Interface, allows for simple and quick updates while reducing risk and eliminating downtime. “No Code” also allows for futureproofing of applications to stay at the forefront of innovation. Let us show your members that their credit union is NextGen with features like voice-activated commands and out-of-the-box conversational AI, all while being highly customizable with less vendor reliance.



Hi, I’m Astro. Your uber-productive concierge who loves interacting with members and helping them manage tasks and reach goals. I am our Nextly digital banking teller built on the CU NextGen no-code platform. I excel at solving problems and connecting members to solutions while saving them time and helping credit unions forge deeper relationships.

Ultimate Member Experience

  • Intuitive and Responsive Design

  • Voice Intent-Based Site Navigation

  • Out-Of-The-Box Conversational AI, Chatbot, and Member Interactions

  • Co-Browse and Screenshare Support

  • New Member and Onboarding Journey

Focus on Self-Service

  • Fully Supported Card Controls

  • Digital Wallet Issuance

  • Loan Due Date Change and Payoff Requests

  • Wire Submission and Docu-Sign Support

Personalized Offers and Engagement

  • Prequalified Loan Offers

  • Integrated Charity Donation and Debit Round-Up

  • Local Discount Program Support

Integrated Account and Loan Origination

  • Open and Fund New Deposit Accounts Instantly

  • Complete API Integration with Origination Platforms

  • Image and Document Uploads

  • Start Anywhere, End Anywhere Application

Commercial and Business Banking

  • Authorized Signer and Card Management

  • Business and Personal Account Aggregation

  • Transaction Categorization and Expense Tracking

  • ACH/Payroll Uploads

Highly Customizable with Less Vendor Reliance

  • No Code Platform

  • Reduce Downtime and Risk

  • Simplified Drag and Drop Interface

  • Simple Third-Party Integration

  • Secure Architecture