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This Member Relationship Management solution is our leading solution in the Credit Union Space, which we’ve developed in collaboration with the MDC Credit Unions. It is a truly transformative platform that helps Credit Unions maximize Member Experience in a practical, effective, and feasible way. This MRM Solution has 6 core modules which are CRM, Business Trouble Ticketing, Apps/Forms/Workflows/eSignatures, Knowledgebase, Chatbots, and Robotic Process Automation. The current status with most credit unions is having multiple systems with data silos that don’t integrate with each other, which presents a lot of challenges in managing an optimal Member Experience for the Credit Unions. The MRM solution addresses this issue by being a platform that can truly present a Member 360 view, by pulling relevant information from multiple system silos and presenting it within MRM. This MRM platform is positioned as the foundation or plumbing over which the other NextGen Credit Unions solutions can be deployed.



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